Unfortunately, even in our industry it is not uncommon for an individual to represent themselves as a licensed investigator, when in fact they are not licensed to provide Professional Investigation Services. In Michigan it is a Felony to provide unlicensed investigative services.

Do your homework and use common sense when acquiring investigation services. If it does feel right it most likely is not. Be cautious of clandestine meetings in parking lots, cash only payments or checks written to individuals and not a business.

Do your homework. Ask questions. Do they have a formalized office space or website? Do they have standardized forms? Do they work from investigative retainers? Do they provide payment receipts?

You can also check them out at the link below. Remember to always make sure the License is in their name.

Verify a Michigan PI License…

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Chris owns BGI Associates LLC. Chris is a licensed professional investigator with over 25 years of prior state and federal law enforcement experience. In his 25 years Chris was promoted from road patrol to Sergeant, Sergeant to Lieutenant, Lieutenant to Captain and then to Director of Law Enforcement. Chis has policed everywhere from rural Michigan to inner-city Chicago.

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