Do you conduct background checks on your potential tenants?

BGI is often called upon to locate former renters who failed to pay rent and were evicted. Once a judgement is entered,  in an attempt to recover unpaid rent, the client request BGI locate the defendant and serve them with civil process. We start with a background check to locate their current address. In most instances we quickly find a long history of prior evictions. If the client had ran a pre-rental background check this could have been avoided.

The time, effort and cost from unpaid rent, legal fees and investigation costs could decrease dramatically by simply spending a small amount upfront on competent and comprehensive tenant screening

Remember, “Trust but verify.”

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Chris owns BGI Associates LLC. Chris is a licensed professional investigator with over 25 years of prior state and federal law enforcement experience. In his 25 years Chris was promoted from road patrol to Sergeant, Sergeant to Lieutenant, Lieutenant to Captain and then to Director of Law Enforcement. Chis has policed everywhere from rural Michigan to inner-city Chicago.

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