When it comes to spying on social media sites, getting a screenshot of a Facebook post just doesn’t cut it. In many cases, you will need to establish relevance before you investigate a site, and you’ll need more than just a person’s posts—you’ll need the underlying metadata.

As I have said many times, do not rely on screenshots as evidence in court. While it may get you some initial traction, if challenged, it will not hold up.

If you locate evidence of wrongdoing on social media contact the digital forensic experts at BGI Associates. We will help you by properly authenticating and preserving the evidence for later presentation. Whether you are an employer, plaintiff in a civil proceeding or a spouse you must properly collect and preserve any relevant evidence.

If you proceed without taking such steps and your evidence is thrown out, not only will you lose, you may be subject to sanctions and fines.

Call  BGI to learn more.

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Chris owns BGI Associates LLC. Chris is a licensed professional investigator with over 25 years of prior state and federal law enforcement experience. In his 25 years Chris was promoted from road patrol to Sergeant, Sergeant to Lieutenant, Lieutenant to Captain and then to Director of Law Enforcement. Chis has policed everywhere from rural Michigan to inner-city Chicago.

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