Gaslighting is an malicious and hidden form of mental and emotional abuse, designed to cause self-doubt and alter the victims perception of reality. Like all abuse, it’s based on the need for power, control, or concealment.

Gaslighting can take place in any relationship and a typical scenario is when an intimate partner lies to conceal a relationship with someone else.

The longer gaslighting occurs the more insidious it can be. Initially, you may not realize you’re being affected by it, but gradually you lose trust in your own instincts and perceptions. In time the manipulation can have a serious impact on the victims psychological well being.

How BGI can Help: It’s crucial that you have a strong support system and to validate your reality in order to combat gaslighting. In most instances it is only through truth that one can begin to recover.

After you can acknowledge really what’s going on, you’ll be better able to detach and stop believing or reacting to falsehoods. 

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