Black Friday Scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great fun – but they can also put you at great risk… and we aren’t talking about the WrestleMania scene in the Electronics Department! Scams are plentiful on this weekend that officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and you don’t want a phishing scheme or […]

BGI International Investigation

International Investigations and BGI With todays technology it is possible for a competent Professional Investigation Agency to offer international assistance to most any client. An experienced Professional Investigation Agency will have a vast network of investigators. To date BGI has conducted investigations in 7 different foreign countries and all across the USA. If you have […]

Executive Level Background Screening

While many believe background checks are most effectively used to screen entry level employees, I respectfully disagree. I believe the most important and cost effective screenings are at the executive or key personnel level. Do not let past accomplishments nor business prowess cause you to overlook the need for due diligence when filing executive level […]

Why It’s Necessary to Outsource your Corporate Investigations

If something underhanded is occurring within your organization, you may already be too close to the matter to objectively and adequately investigate it. Your insider knowledge will be invaluable, but your awareness and intelligence regarding the potential crime is where your involvement in a corporate investigation should end. Our Professional Investigator’s job is to determine […]


At BGI we are dedicated to protecting what is most important to our clients. Our staff has spent decades protecting the public and now we bring that commitment to the private sector. While it is important we posses the necessary experience and knowledge, it is of little use if we are not committed to the […]


For many years I was mildly perplexed about the consulting business. I found it interesting that one’s experience could have such value.  After 25 years in police work I am familiar with “The Expert Witness” and their value. I understand that an expert perspective can bring clarity and understanding to any process. After leaving police […]