Black Friday Scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great fun – but they can also put you at great risk… and we aren’t talking about the WrestleMania scene in the Electronics Department! Scams are plentiful on this weekend that officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and you don’t want a phishing scheme or […]

Combating Gaslighting: Why even in a no-fault divorce state investigating infidelity remains important.

Gaslighting is an malicious and hidden form of mental and emotional abuse, designed to cause self-doubt and alter the victims perception of reality. Like all abuse, it’s based on the need for power, control, or concealment. Gaslighting can take place in any relationship and a typical scenario is when an intimate partner lies to conceal […]

Important Reminder GPS Tracking

Important Reminder: USE CAUTION when it comes to using a GPS unit to track a vehicle. A GPS unit is commonly used to receive communication from a tracking device for various purposes. In Michigan, however, it is illegal to install a tracking device on another individual’s vehicle pursuant to MCL 750.539l. Legal Exception: A LICENSED […]

BGI International Investigation

International Investigations and BGI With todays technology it is possible for a competent Professional Investigation Agency to offer international assistance to most any client. An experienced Professional Investigation Agency will have a vast network of investigators. To date BGI has conducted investigations in 7 different foreign countries and all across the USA. If you have […]

Why It’s Necessary to Outsource your Corporate Investigations

If something underhanded is occurring within your organization, you may already be too close to the matter to objectively and adequately investigate it. Your insider knowledge will be invaluable, but your awareness and intelligence regarding the potential crime is where your involvement in a corporate investigation should end. Our Professional Investigator’s job is to determine […]

Do you know who you just hired?

Should you allow anyone into your home before first ensuring the company who sent them or you yourself have conducted a background check on them? “Reports also show that Dotto has a past criminal record. In 2009, he was arrested and charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, third degree grand larceny and possession […]

Workplace Safety and Risk Mitigation

On 06/15/2016 BGI presented before numerous local companies at a Lakeshore Human Resource Management Association Event. BGI’s presentation was about mitigating workplace violence through Active Shooter Awareness Training and the implementation of enhanced safety measures during the disciplinary process. Every business should conduct a security analysis of any disciplinary action that may/will result in suspension […]

Outsourcing Investigation and Security Services

Why outsourcing advanced security functions to BGI makes good business sense: “In 2014 the average cost to maintain one in-house security professional was $85,425.” With BGI you pay only when you require our services.. Many businesses cannot support, nor justify the expense of in-house security personnel. However, every business small or large can benefit from experienced […]