Black Friday Scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great fun – but they can also put you at great risk… and we aren’t talking about the WrestleMania scene in the Electronics Department! Scams are plentiful on this weekend that officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and you don’t want a phishing scheme or […]

BGI International Investigation

International Investigations and BGI With todays technology it is possible for a competent Professional Investigation Agency to offer international assistance to most any client. An experienced Professional Investigation Agency will have a vast network of investigators. To date BGI has conducted investigations in 7 different foreign countries and all across the USA. If you have […]

Executive Level Background Screening

While many believe background checks are most effectively used to screen entry level employees, I respectfully disagree. I believe the most important and cost effective screenings are at the executive or key personnel level. Do not let past accomplishments nor business prowess cause you to overlook the need for due diligence when filing executive level […]

Tenant Background Screening:

Do you conduct background checks on your potential tenants? BGI is often called upon to locate former renters who failed to pay rent and were evicted. Once a judgement is entered,  in an attempt to recover unpaid rent, the client request BGI locate the defendant and serve them with civil process. We start with a […]

Background Check Reminder:

Whether employment or partnership based, it is important to exercise due diligence prior to solidifying any formal business relationship. In today’s tech world and considering our increasingly transient workforce, it is essential to remember you can never underestimate the intentions of a prospective employee. It is not overly presumptive nor should it be offensive to […]

Word of caution: Due diligence investigations

When retaining professional services it is very important to ensure the business or individual you are hiring is licensed to provide such services. Exercising due diligence in any business relationship is of utmost importance. Even when retaining investigative or other legal services, the provider may not be appropriately licensed or insured. Here are some simple […]

Eight Dollars?

In most of life “too good to be true” is quite obvious. Especially when you are purchasing products and legal or professional services. It is usually easy to convince the average consumer that  “you get what you pay for.” Often these decisions are made based on personal needs. However, when we are responsible for personnel […]

Background Check Mistakes

When you let a computer run your background checks, you will inevitably have errors. Online background check databases are simply computer driven name search databases. It is a computer generated report you are responsible for deciphering and validating. In the news: Inaccurate background checks pose problems for renters  If you read the fine print on all […]

Do you know who you just hired?

Should you allow anyone into your home before first ensuring the company who sent them or you yourself have conducted a background check on them? “Reports also show that Dotto has a past criminal record. In 2009, he was arrested and charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, third degree grand larceny and possession […]