It can happen to you

Over the weekend ISIS published a listed of U.S. churches in all 50 states urging its followers to strike at Christmas time. We have been watching our allies in Europe experience violence in the name of Jihad at an unprecedented level. The terrorists have claimed responsibility for the murder of a French priest on Christmas […]


Awareness is your best prevention tool. An awareness of the workplace violence spectrum along with knowledge of prevention and response strategies help increase safety in the workplace. Always take security measures and be prepared. Workplace violence will continue to haunt all of our industries. If employees are trained on how to respond and have response plans […]

Staying aware … being prepared..

BGI is receiving great feedback about our Active Shooter Awareness Training Program. Thank you to our wonderful instructor!! Do not allow the time between such tragedies to reduce your awareness of the need for such important safety training. Active Shooter Awareness Training is increasingly essential workplace safety training. Do not get caught in a situation […]

De-escalation Training

De-escalation Training BGI has partnered with Ret. Grand Rapids, MI Police Officer, John Riley to bring you what we feel is a highly effective training program. John has over 20 years of law enforcement experience. He specialized in de-escalating possible hostile situation through a number of techniques learned during his 20 years in police work. […]

Workplace Safety and Risk Mitigation

On 06/15/2016 BGI presented before numerous local companies at a Lakeshore Human Resource Management Association Event. BGI’s presentation was about mitigating workplace violence through Active Shooter Awareness Training and the implementation of enhanced safety measures during the disciplinary process. Every business should conduct a security analysis of any disciplinary action that may/will result in suspension […]

Stay Vigilant …

Active Shooter Awareness Training When recent or close in proximity acts of workplace violence raise awareness and prompt changes in our daily lives and business practices. Shortly after most resume old habits and return to business as usual. This is normal and all a part of how we cope. The problem is the risk has […]

Workplace Executive Protection and Active Shooter Threat Mitigation

All of our industries are susceptible to acts of violence in the workplace. When left with no alternative, but to terminate an employee, we must always consider the possibility of violent retaliation. If you do not have policies dictating the protocols for dealing with such a possibility, it is time to start. Developing a list […]